Monday, March 21, 2011

Why are Calista Tools ION Hot Rollers So Expensive?

Why are the hot rollers so expensive?

Calista Tools have partnered with the Create ION company to create the most technologically advanced ION Hot rollers available on the market today.  Our Calista Tools ION Hot Rollers go beyond simple ION technology.  The key elements in the development process of our hot rollers utilizes the combined energy of “Negative IONS”, “Far Infrared” and “Wave Motion”.  These processes make it possible to break down water clusters into micro-fine particles.  These micro-fine particles are able to penetrate the hair shaft deeper and faster for extreme hydration resulting in sooth and shiny hair.  Traditional ION hot rollers are creating negative ions but they do not have the technology to create the micro-fine water molecules.  These water molecules are what make our Calista Tools ION rollers so much better for your hair than other ION rollers. 

I need more than just 6 short purple rollers to curl my whole head.  Where can I get more rollers and how will I heat these so I can do my whole head at once since there are only 6 rods on the base?

If you need more than 6 short rollers to do your hair you can purchase additional rollers on our website (  Once you have the extra rollers, you can rotate these onto the base after you remove a roller. For example, to do your whole head at once with 10 rollers, heat up the first 6 rollers and when you add a roller to your head place another extra roller on the base.  Every time you remove a roller from the base replace it with an extra roller.  The extra rollers heat in about 3 minutes so by the time you have used all 6 original rollers the extra rollers should be hot enough to use. 

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  1. I purchased the rollers from QVC and would like to make 2 suggestions: make "fatter" rollers available for people with long hair and remove the "teeth" (or offer some rollers without them).
    --The wider rollers would allow all of the longer hair strands to be curled or smoothed, not just what fits around the roller. Re-wrapping a long strand around a roller this size does not produce the same curl as a wider roller.
    --the teeth prevent someone from pulling the entire long strand through...and over the roller. When I use my wider ("jumbo") Conair rollers with the velvet, the curl is very nice and the entire strand is smooth. With yours, due to size and teeth, my hair is not as smooth.
    --you have good technology.....but remember you need to offer not just more of the same size roller, but a roller for long hair.