Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rolling Out the Truth on Calista Tools ION Hot Rollers

Our Calista ION Hot Rollers sold out so fast on QVC we were unable to give a thorough description on using your new rollers.  Here are  the most commonly asked questions and answers you may have about your new roller set. 
What is ionic technology and what makes it different from traditional hot rollers?  Ionic technology works by sending out  negative ions which in turn neutralize the hairs’ atoms and eliminate the static and frizz making the hair smoother.  Everyone’s hair carries a positive electrical charge that is caused by dryness. Over time, this positive charge increases, and as your hair becomes drier, more hair cuticles open, creating ‘ragged’ unhealthy looking (and feeling) hair that is difficult to style, and let’s be honest, looks like it has seen better days. Enter Calista Tools ION Hot Rollers that create negative ions.  When the rollers are heated, negative ions are created. The negative ions created by the appliance cancel out the positive hair charges. While you wrap your hair with our rollers you smooth down those ragged open hair cuticles. These amazing rollers create curls while smoothing down the hair cuticles allowing them to lay flat and frizz free, but still enable it to curl. The results are not just a hair full of curls but a head full of HEALTHY curls.  Smoothing down the hair cuticles will seal in your hair’s own natural oils and moisture. This is very important to the health and look of your hair. An increase in natural oil creates healthier, more vibrant looking hair that is also more manageable and full of shine (instead of dry and dull locks). This is why your highlights look brighter when you use ionic technology. 
Why does the Calista Tools ION Hot Roller base only hold 6 rollers at a time?  Founder and creator of the Calista Tools product line, Maria McCool, has been listening to her clients for years about their frustration with hot rollers.  They loved using hot rollers on their hair but hated the cumbersome size of their roller set, they did not travel well, they took up so much storage space and added clutter to the bathroom.  They wanted to be able to use hot rollers even on vacation.  Our Calista Tools ION Hot Rollers are half the size of traditional rollers, they are light weight and come in a great travel bag. 

I have long thick hair, will these rollers work for me?  The long blue rollers were designed to curl thick, long hair.  Traditional sized rollers don't work for long hair.  Our rollers are long enough to hold all the hair.  To ensure we could curl long hair we designed the roller with the heating element in the roller itself, not in the base.  Our rollers heat faster and stay hot longer allowing long thick hair to curl. 

I have fine, thin, shorter hair, will these rollers work for me?   If you have very fine or thin hair and find most rollers are too heavy for you hair try this trick.  Spray the section of hair you plan to curl with a small amount of hair spray right before putting the roller in your hair. We recommend our COMPLETE Hair Spray.   It is safe to use with a heat styling product like hot rollers, flat iron or a curling iron.   Hair spray will give your hair that extra "grip" it needs to hold the roller and it also helps form the curl faster and keep it curled longer.  You could also try to section a larger amount of hair to be used with each roller.  

If I have shorter hair how can I use the long blue rollers?   Use the long rollers at the back of your hair for extra body especially at the back top crown area.  This area tends to just need body and height. 

Why should I spend $99 on these hot rollers when I can buy cheaper hot rollers that will curl my hair just as well?   Heat Styling is a leading cause in damaged hair. Heat cracks hair's cuticle and withdraws moisture-- leaving hair dry and brittle. Heat styling tools which damage hair include hair dryers, hot rollers, curling irons, flat irons. New innovations in heat styling, such as ionic technology work with heat to prevent damaged hair.  If you are using high quality hair products to moisturize and protect your hair but then use inexpensive heat styling tools, like conventional hot rollers, you are counteracting all the good you have done for your hair.  The heat styling tool is doing more damage than your high quality hair products can correct.    
What makes Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers different from other less expensive ION hot rollers?  Our hot rollers are created by the Create ION company, the world leader in IONIC technology. They infuse a special blend of 32 natural ion minerals directly into each roller, so the benefits of the ionic technology last for the life of the product.  The rollers are also uniquely designed with the heating element in roller itself, not in the base.  This ensures an even distribution of heat, a faster heat time and longer heat retention for each individual roller.  Other ION rollers just spray an ION coating onto the outside of the roller, it is not baked into the rollers.  Over time the roller will loose its' ION coating and it will no longer protect the hair.  Calista Tools ION Hot Rollers are more expensive because of the advanced technology, the quality and durability of the rollers.  These rollers will not loose their ionic properties over time making them a better investment than other ION hot rollers. 
If you use want curls in your hair you don’t have to sacrifice your hair’s health. You can now purchase our amazing ION Hot Rollers at our Calista Tools website for $99.    For a limited time We are offering an amazing deal through our site for The ION Hot Roller Set.  With your hot roller set purchase you will receive a free 8 oz. COMPLETE Hair Spray valued at $19.50. 

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