Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oil Slick in Your Hair?

Why it occurs?
Since hair grows from a skin follicle, it’s inevitable that oil is produced.  But how much sebum ends up on your scalp, and trickles down the strand is due to genetics, the condition of your scalp and your intake of certain foods.  While hormones play a part, hot and spicy foods can cause your body temperate to rise internally, which gets release through the pores in the scalp.  Another cause for oily hair is overconsumption of sugar and fat.  When you eat too many saturated fats, your body will purge itself of the extra oils, which can show up in your scalp.
How to correct it?
Since oily hair is directly related to an oily scalp cut out any foods that encourage the overproduction of oil.  You may want to try to add more raw foods and healthy foods into your diet to counteract the effects of saturated oils.

What foods should I include?
Include complex carbohydrates, olive oil, sushi,fresh fruits and vegetables.

What foods to avoid?
Avoid fried foods, preservatives and sugar-heavy meals

What Calista Tools product should I use to combat oily hair?
The best Calista Tools shampoo and conditioner for oily hair is Amplify Volume Shampoo and Refine Volume Conditioner.  Both of these volume products are perfect for oily hair.  They gently remove oil, dirt and debris from your hair without stripping the hair.  Amplify and Refine deliver color protection and ideal cleansing for hair types that require daily washing. Amplify contains a patented ingredient called ProElement which opens the hair follicle, expanding the hair adding thickness and volume while removing extra oil. The minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in Amplify create thicker stronger hair, full hair with shine. Our formula contains ingredients vitamin A, E, C, aloe, white tea, copper, zinc and manganese, to name a few. Other shampoos offer volume but without ProElement, the volumizers and minerals won’t effectively penetrate the hair. Say goodbye to thin oily hair.

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